TurboWash DVR        Innovative Digital Video Recording
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Products             High Speed Recording  (60,120,240 & 480 frame’s / second)

            DVR             Solid and reliable Operating System on Windows XP Pro           

Cameras             Quick and easy search by Time, Date, Camera and Event

Lenses             Programmable Motion Detection for each camera, for faster search

Accessories             A variety of Recording Methods can be programmed on each camera

Kleen-Rite Corp             Pan, Zoom, and Tilt camera functions work with all manufacture protocols


                                             Relay Outputs and Sensor Inputs for easy integration of other security devices


                                             Covert Camera Operation (Hide camera’s from Main Display, CCTV, and networks.


                                             Hardware Watchdog allows for automatic recovery of DVR


                                             Adjustable speed and recording resolution by each camera


                                             Adjustable compression for recording and transmitting information


                                             Back-up to CDR-W, removable HDD, or Network Storage


                                             Watermarks and Thumbprints prove authenticity of video image


                                             Remote Monitoring and Management through LAN, Internet, or Dialup Mode


                                             Ability to receive commands and text over TCP / IP and Serial Ports for POS: